Terms & conditions - Central heating installation quotation

1. We will carry out the work set out on your quote, for the price that is stated in it, under the following terms and conditions. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. If an estimate is given, price maybe subject to change. A day rate is applicable and can be charged pro-rata per hours work.
2. Your quote is valid for 28 days. After this time your quote will no longer be valid and you will need to get another quote. All other items, bathroom equipment including removal etc will be the responsibilty of the customer. All equipment is installed to manufacturers instructions.
3. The price we quote does not include the cost of removing any dangerous waste materials, such as asbestos, that we could not reasonably identify when we gave you your quote. You can call a specialist contractor to remove these dangerous materials or we may be able to arrange for them to be removed at an extra cost. When asbestos is removed you will need to produce a ‘site clearance for reoccupation’ certificate, which you can get from the asbestos removal company, before we can continue to work at your property if necessary.
4. The price we quote includes removing your old boiler and central heating parts we replace.
5. Any time frames we give you are our best estimates and we will do what we can to keep to those time frames. Where there are likely to be delays we will let you know as soon as possible and agree new time frames with you. The time it takes us to complete the work has no effect on the price we quoted you.
6. We may need you to lift carpets or take up all or some other floor coverings, including tongue-and-grooved floor coverings, parquet, hardwood, rubber or tiled floors, so we can complete the work. We will give you as much notice as possible if we need you to do this. You can call a specialist contractor to do this work or we may be able to do it for you at an extra cost. If we do any of this work for you we will only be responsible for any unnecessary damage caused directly by our negligence and it will be your responsibility to put the flooring back once the work is completed.
7. We will take care to carry out the work without causing damage to your property. If we cause unnecessary damage because of negligence we will put it right. Sometimes we have to do extra work if we cannot use existing pipework or wiring to install the boiler, and this can cause damage to things like inside and outside finishings (for example, wall coverings and paint). You may need to redecorate, repair or restore certain areas once the work is completed. This is not included in the price we quoted and you will be responsible for this.
8. If your property is a listed building, it is your responsibility to make sure that you get any permission you need before we start the work, and evidence will be required from you that you have got this permission. 
9.You will need to have an adequate gas and electricity supply to your property.If on installation, problems occur with your supply, we will notify the appropriate supplier and attend if necessary and charge for our time. 
10. Where we have connected new equipment to your existing system, we cannot accept responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your existing system that may cause problems or later develop faults, unless we have been negligent in not realising that this damage to your existing system would happen or unless the way we carried out the work was negligent and this caused the fault.
11. We will test your water supply pressure before we start work. As water supply rates can change, we cannot be responsible for your central heating system failing to work properly because your water supply becomes inadequate or keeps changing, in some circumstances valves and internals to WCs may need updating,if this is the case an additional charge will be made.
12. If you need a deeper clean to remove sludge and other waste from your central heating system, we will recommend you buy a  PowerFlush™ with your installation. Our engineer will also tell you what other work is needed to avoid future problems. We may suggest you correct any design faults that may cause the problem to return.
13. We cannot be responsible if we cannot meet our responsibilities because of things beyond our control including, for example, poor weather conditions, industrial disputes, strikes that we are not directly involved in or if we find that species (for example bats, birds, butterflies and dormice) or plants that could be subject to special protection are found to be present in your property.
14. You must pay the deposit shown on your quote when you accept the quote / estimate when you accept the quote / estimate. Payment is due on receipt of invoice.
15.Your Cancellation Rights.

You can cancel this agreement up to 14 days after the day any goods are delivered. This is called your ‘cooling off’ period. By signing the acceptance document you’ve agreed that we can start work before your cooling off period ends. If you cancel your agreement after work has started, we will charge you our reasonable costs for:
               •         any work already carried out, or
               •         any goods already installed into your property

You won’t be able to cancel once work is fully completed or the goods have been installed into your property. We can deduct our costs from any deposit you’ve paid or bill you for them.The goods will remain the property of SOS heating until paid for.

If you wish to cancel, you can use the form but you don’t have to. You can also call us on 07795 425 444 or email us at

16. We can cancel this agreement at any time by giving you written notice. If we cancel this agreement without good reason, we will pay you any reasonable costs you have to spend or losses you suffer as a direct result of our cancellation.
17. Your quote, together with these terms and conditions, sets out the entire agreement between you and us. Nobody else will be able to benefit from this agreement. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.


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